Storage facilities approved by the insurance company

The small stores in Oulu Omavarasto are modern, clean and well-lit. Separate storage units will be equipped with the holder's own padlock and no outsiders have access or sight access to the storage chambers. The rental store is warm and dry.

You can drive by car or vans. You are using transport trolleys to help you load your goods.

A safe and neat rental store

The use of small stock is easy and simple. There is free access to the room with your own access control card even in the evenings and at weekends. 

The lease is flexibly made according to your needs. Rental period is at least one month. The contract can also start in the middle of a month, so rent is determined only by actual use.

Storage is safe, as there are access control systems, video surveillance, security and automatic shutdown / alarm systems. A proper lock ensures safety. Storages are approved by the insurance company.