Storage and packaging instructions.

This is how you store it properly. Warehousing is successful when you pack your goods carefully.

Your goods will remain in good condition and avoid unpleasant surprises. Improper storage can become expensive if moisture, temperature fluctuations or pests damage your property. 

Our dry, clean, warm and air conditioned warehouses are safe and storage is easy. Never store your goods for example in a cold container. Water from condensation will spoil your goods in just a few months and the life of the tree will loosen the glue.

The garage is not fireproof and is suitable for storing the goods. Variation in temperature can ruin your movables.

Pests can be a risk anywhere. Pack clothes and textiles hermetically into their own pouches. Store by hanging or in a box. For added safety, the "Raid" balloon or the like. There is plenty of information about the Internet about pest control.

Also, storage should be planned.

Create a list of the storage and packaging materials you need. For example, paper, bubble wrap, tape, rope, protection for mattresses and furniture, protective paper and packaging boxes should be kept within reach. Fill the boxes according to the size, so you will need less storage space. Small and overflowing boxes can be tilted or crashed. Heavy objects like books or tools should be packed in small boxes to make them easy to move. Protect fragile goods with packaging material and store them in the top of the stock. Mark all the easily breakable packaging, for example, with breaks or gaps.

Store the warehouse carefully. Leave a little space around the goods to facilitate air circulation. In the warehouse (Alppila) you will need a floor on the floor that you can access from the hall. Insurance regulations require the goods to be placed 10cm away from the floor. If you use a warehouse often, leave the street space at the edge of the warehouse to easily get your goods exposed. Take advantage of all available space, including height. Always place frequently used items close to the door. For added security, store electronic equipment and small home appliances behind or behind large furniture.