Are you anguished

We get storage space for many needs in Taka-Lyötty Oulu.


Affordable and flexible rental.

Warehouse rental is determined by size. Leases are not tied to calendar months.

Warm, dry and controlled spaces.

The warehouse hotel features reliable security systems. Your property is safe.

Size of the storages are 1,5–20 m²

The warehouse space can be utilized efficiently when the goods are effectively packaged.

Easily move with a passport card.

The warehouse can be accessed with a personal card every day from 6am to 23am. Even in the evenings and at weekends.

By car you can get directly to the indoor.

Indoor you can drive by car or vans. You are using transport trolleys to help you load your goods.

Businesses have logistic services.

We provide the representatives of companies with goods picking service in their own warehouse.

See storage sizes.

Comfortable and reliable service

We are located in Taka-Lyötty